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Spot The BiasHorse RacingTom MeakinTom suggests a simple method for spotting a temporary draw bias and, how you might profit from such a bias.
The Arc And General Race TypesHorse RacingMark Littlewood A unique insight for any given race could be the edge that enables you to find good value bets.
Turn Back The Clock…GeneralRussell ClarkeThe biggest hurdle we face on the journey to becoming profitable bettors is much closer to home than you may realise.
Multinomial Logistic Regression Models For Horse RacingHorse RacingDr Alun OwenAn introduction to multinomial logistic regression models for horse racing using the R statistical software.
Well In Horses Using TopSpeed and Official RatingsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodBroadly speaking, if a horse has logged a speed figure in the past that is higher than their current Official Rating, does this indicate an element of being well-handicapped? Mark offers some initial analysis.
Timeform Star Ratings: What Are They Worth?Horse RacingRicky TaylorRicky takes a look at how the free Timeform star ratings have performed in NH races since they became available in 2004.
The Future Of The Magazine: A New ProposalGeneralMichael WildingMichael outlines his proposal for carrying the magazine forwards.
En Fin(?) Mes AmisGeneralJohn JacksonAs always, Jacko wants the final say…

Beating Betfair SPHorse RacingMark LittlewoodShould we consider weight of money when making the decision between taking the available back price (1 min to race off time) or Betfair SP?
Big Races In SeptemberHorse RacingDavid RenhamTrends analysis for some upcoming big race handicaps.
Media Groupthink: Derby 2013 (part three)Horse RacingRobert FordThe final part of Robert's examination of media groupthink in UK horse racing provides more evidence and enlightenment on the topic, with the help of the 2013 Investec Epsom Derby.
Racecourse Stats - Best Way Forward?Horse RacingEmail GroupOne forum member has several questions regarding the interpretation of racecourse statistics (trainer/jockey etc). More experienced members offer a few pointers.
Bonus BattlesGeneralTom MeakinAre you looking 'bookmaker bonus offer' gift horses in the mouth? Tom thinks you might be.
Pitfalls, Perils and Profit ... Ante-Post BettingHorse RacingRussell ClarkeRussell provides an insight as to why Ante-Post betting offers punters the potential for excellent returns, with a logical approach.
The Performance Of Pricewise 2013Horse RacingRicky TaylorPricewise has an enormous following but, is the service in danger of becoming a victim of it's own success? Ricky suggests some considerations for fans of the RP column.

What Constitutes Back Fitting?GeneralEmail GroupAre you guilty of random data mining? The questions you need to ask yourself.
Kelly: Selections In Same Part IIIStakingJohn JacksonFor those who like to create oddslines or for the occasions when you think you have multiple favourable bets, part III of John’s work on Kelly’s extended algorithm looks at fractional staking across an entire field for both backs and lays simultaneously!
Media Groupthink: Derby 2013 (part two)Horse RacingRobert FordRobert continues his examination of media wide Groupthink in UK horse racing and attempts to provide some evidence and enlightenment on the topic, with the help of the 2013 Investec Epsom Derby.
Starting PointsHorse RacingDavid RenhamA focus on starting points – raw ideas that have the potential to produce winning systems or winning methods for flat racing.
Why Do Three Year Olds Do Better In Longer Distance Races?Horse RacingTom MeakinTom offers some thoughts on what appears to be a clear-cut trend.
How To Win & Lose A Fortune: The Kelly Criterion In PracticeStakingRicky TaylorA simple look at the Kelly formula and how it performs on one of Ricky’s profitable racing systems.

Media Groupthink: Derby 2013 (part one)Horse RacingRobert FordRobert examines media wide Groupthink in UK horse racing and attempts to provide some evidence and enlightenment on the topic, with the help of the 2013 Investec Epsom Derby.
Age & Weight In ClaimersHorse RacingTom MeakinA simple method for isolating possible bets in claiming races on the flat.
Sports Modelling – What is Going On in The Academic WorldGeneralDr Alun OwenAlun keeps readers up to date with what is happening in the academic world with regards sports modelling.
Pre-Match Tennis TradingTennisDaniel WestonAn excerpt from Daniel’s recently published Tennis Trading Handbook.
Group 1 RacesHorse RacingDavid RenhamDave examines Group 1 races to see if there are any angles we can exploit as a punter – be it positive or negative.
The Increasing Wisdom Of The CrowdHorse RacingRussell ClarkeWisdom of the crowd – What is it? Moreover, what are the implications of the increasing wisdom of the crowd in UK horse racing? Russell offers his thoughts.

Kelly: Selections In Same Part IIStakingJohn JacksonFor those who like to create oddslines or for the occasions when you think you have multiple favourable bets, part II of John’s work on Kelly’s extended algorithm looks at laying, and only laying, across the field.
Position In Weights And Effect On PerformanceHorse RacingTom MeakinA brief look into a horses' position in the weights and any effect on performance, leads Tom to suggest an age/weight range worthy of further research.
Estimating Stamina And Ability From PedigreesHorse RacingDr Peter MayAlternative methods to the dosage system based on information collected from just the sire and dam’s sire data.
Will Dawn Approach Stay The Derby DistanceHorse RacingRicky TaylorRicky gives his thoughts on Dawn Approach and considers stamina concerns about the 2013 Epsom Derby favourite.
Future Race PointersHorse RacingDave RenhamMany horses are primed to run in one of the bigger races during the flat season. Which runners should we consider following next time out, and which might we look to oppose.
Value is Dead!Horse RacingNathan HughesAre the days when you could say a horse was a ‘value bet’ at a given price gone?

Never Mind The Draw – It’s Where The Pace IsHorse RacingSmartersigEmail group members discuss this well used platitude, following one member’s request of evidence to support the statement.
Draw BiasHorse RacingDave RenhamDave goes back to his roots this month to show readers that while draw bias might be less prevalent than it was ten years ago, there are still some biases worth noting.
The Implications Of Playing In A 5 Set Tennis MatchTennisDaniel WestonWith three Grand Slam events to come over the summer, Daniel gives us the lowdown on a potential profitable angle for your betting.
Newmarket Guineas 2013Horse RacingLen BielbyLen runs us through the market leaders for the opening Classics races of 2013. Do their pedigrees suggest they have the qualities to win their respective races?
Playing The Field 6 Places In Golf EventsGolfTom MeakinTom extends his quest to profit from bookmaker enhanced place concessions, detailing his recent attempt at the US Masters golf, including post event analysis and potential for improvement.
Review Of The 2012/13 Jump SeasonHorse RacingRicky TaylorA run through the key highlights and lowlights of the 2012/13 NH Season.
Dosage Methodology And The 2000 GuineasHorse RacingNathan HughesNathan looks at the Dosage System, including the profiles of past 2000 Guineas winners.

Random Thoughts About Weka and Random ForestsHorse RacingTed AshworthIdeas about how to predict winners by using the free, open source, Weka machine learning software in conjunction with the Random Forest algorithm. Key focus is on data selection and presentation.
A Different Approach to Draw BiasHorse RacingTom MeakinTom uses the Spearman Rank correlation figure to determine the significance of draw bias for specific course and distances.
The Forgotten Effects of International FootballFootballAdam LioneAdam shares his recent experience of playing for England at the Partially Sighted Futsal World Championships in Japan. Are we as bettors weighting the travel factor sufficiently?
Irish TrainersHorse RacingDavid RenhamDave takes a look at Irish flat trainers in the hope of uncovering a few decent betting angles.
Back In The RingHorse RacingSad KenSK gives us some background on his ‘Racing with Interest Series’ of books.
Grand National Preview 2013Horse RacingRicky TaylorA preview of the world’s most famous horse race, including Ricky’s own selections for the race.
Well-Handicapped Three-Year-OldsHorse RacingNathan HughesA look at Jon Gibby’s work, including his latest book ‘Well-Handicapped Three-Year-Olds 2013’, and the potential they offer any punter looking to improve their own betting.

Challenging Races: Three-year-old HandicapsHorse RacingDr Peter MayThe third of three exclusive excerpts from Dr Peter May's forthcoming book titled: 'In Search Of The Winning System'.
Beating Betfair SPHorse RacingMark LittlewoodMark examines potential strategies to bet placement which could lead us to gaining prices during the live markets that on average are better than Betfair SP.
Sad KenHorse RacingEmail GroupA group discussion, sparked during race analysis on the email forum, about Sad Ken and his publications/methods.
Maximising Odds Using Creative Bet Choices On Asian Hcp BetsFootballDr Alun OwenWith some creative bet choices in formulating your asian handicap bets you can increase the odds you acheive; Alun shows us how.
Ten Year Trends - A Preview Of My New BookHorse RacingDavid RenhamDave shares two complete races from his new book, having explained how he has broken down each of the 50 handicaps examined.
The Best Team Wins The League!FootballTom MeakinDoes the best team always win the league? Tom takes a quick look.
Cheltenham Festival PreviewHorse RacingRicky TaylorRicky offers some pointers for this months much anticipated Cheltenham Festival.
The CGA Foxhunter ChaseHorse RacingAndrew NormanAn extensive preview of The Foxhunter Chase by Point-To-Point reporter and Hunter Chase expert Andrew Norman.

Million Dollar Two-Year-OldsHorse RacingDr Peter MayThe second of three exclusive excerpts from Dr Peter May’s forthcoming book titled: ‘In Search Of The Winning System’.
Average Official Rating In HandicapsHorse RacingDavid RenhamIs the race average OR for all age flat handicaps a better indicator of class than simply taking the assigned race class at face value?
Sports Traders – Mark IversonGeneralNathan HughesAn interview with full time sports trader Mark Iverson.
Long Term League ProjectionsFootballTom MeakinFollowing recent articles offering statistical insight into the Premier League, Tom gives us his opinion on long term football betting and an insight into his own methods for long term league projection.
Kelly: Selections In SameStakingJohn JacksonFor those who like to create oddslines or for the occasions when you think you have multiple favourable bets, John has been working on Kelly's extended algorithm to back multiple selections in the same event.
Trainer Change: More Than A Change Of SceneryHorse RacingJohn BywaterA look at horses having a first run for a new trainer and, can we still profit from them?
Goal ExpectationFootballJonny GrossmarkJonny examines in play variables that will affect a predictive football models ability to produce an exact goal expectation game by game and, suggests how to use this to your advantage when looking at in play goal expectation.
LongshotsHorse RacingRicky TaylorRicky offers some pointers for readers looking to uncover value in horses at longer prices.

RSS Statistics In Sport - December Meet On Sports AnalyticsGeneralDr Alun OwenAn introduction to the relatively new Statistics In Sport section of the Royal Statistical Society, plus an update from recent meetings.
The False DawnHorse RacingDr Peter MayThe first of three exclusive excerpts from Dr Peter May's forthcoming book titled 'In Search Of The Winning System'.
Sports ‘Personality’ Of The YearGeneralNathan HughesIt will never be everyones cup of tea, but can we learn anything from a simple attempt to model SPOTY with some public data.
Is It Time For You To Specialise?Horse RacingJohn BywaterHaving decided to specialise on low grade racing, John gives us an introduction into his own betting activity.
Backfitted Disaster Or Golden System?Horse RacingPaul McGlincheyThe lure of system creation proved too much for Paul to resist; but for this author at least, there are still questions to be answered.
How To Find A Black Cat In A Coal CellarGeneralJoseph BuchdahlAuthor Joe Buchdahl gives readers an insight into his latest book, and offers us the chance to win a copy.
3yo Races from January to March On The AWHorse RacingDavid RenhamDave investigates 3yo races from January to March on the AW in an attempt to find a potential betting edge.
End Of Season Betting In The Premiership: An UpdateFootballDr Alun OwenHas the busy Christmas football schedule had any impact on the potential value suggested in Alun's early statistical insight into some of the Premier Leagues' outright betting markets.
Who Will Win The 2012/2013 Jumps Trainer Championship?Horse RacingRicky TaylorAs the battle for the NH Trainers' Championship hots up the bookmakers make Nicky Henderson the hot favourite; but have they called it right?

Systems Throwing Up The Same SelectionsHorse RacingEmail GroupShould each system bet be viewed on merit within it's own system and staked accordingly when multiple systems throw up the same selection?
16+ Runner Handicaps & 5 Places: Each Way ValueHorse RacingTom MeakinA look at 16+ runner handicaps and a few possible angles to exploit them with the help of bookmaker concessions.
5 Quick Cricket Trading TipsCricketMark IversonMark suggests some basic considerations for planning a course of action when trading the outcome of cricket matches.
Compiling Speed FiguresHorse RacingMarkus JohansenA clear and concise guide to compiling your own unique speed ratings.
Trainer Form – How Relevant?Horse RacingDave RenhamDave examines the importance of trainer form using what he believes is a fair method of quantifying recent form.
Key Race Tracking US StyleHorse RacingMark LittlewoodKey race data is a simple but yet potentially quite powerful visual form aid, but does the method offer a betting advantage.
What Will Win The 2012 King George VI Chase?Horse RacingRicky TaylorA brief history of the race and a few pointers for this years renewal of the King George VI Chase.
West Brom To Qualify For The Champs Lge? Can Harry Save QPR?FootballDr Alun OwenAlun offers his statistical insight into the current potential value in some of the Premier Leagues' outright markets.

Embrace the Media MugsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodDoes the TV do more damage to our betting than we realise, sound up or sound down ?.
3 yo Sire ProfilingHorse RacingNathan HughesNathan looks at 3yo sire profiling using the SmarterSig sire analyser and in particular why Singspiel may be one to follow next year
Jockey PaceHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWhen let loose near the front of the pace the best jock during 1999 to 2008 was Kerrin Mcevoy, who is the best from the current crop?
Will You Miss John McCririckHorse RacingRick TaylorA look at the new and old Channel 4 team and what they may offer viewers in the coming years
Trainer Trends NovemberHorse RacingDave RenhamThe NH season really swings into play this month, which trainers are the best to side with in the opening month?.
Update 2012SoftwareJohn JacksonJohn reviews his 2009 technology predictions and as punters we become increasingly dependent on computers, he looks further ahead on our behalf.

Predictor Variable Selection in ModelsHorse RacingDr Alun OwenWhat should we leave out and what should we leave in when building race rating models ?.
The Curious Case of Dancing Braves RatingHorse RacingGareth FlynnMany people cannot understand why Frankel is rated a pound below Dancing Brave, Gareth analyses the reasons why
Ten to Follow NHHorse RacingRick TaylorRick go's through his shortlist for the coming NH season
Rating Less is More More is More Prt IIHorse RacingEmail GroupContinuation of the email discussion on ratings components and whether more means better
Race Profiling 2m HurdlesHorse RacingDave RenhamGet the stats on your side when assessing a race over 2m and 2m 1f hurdles
Applied ProbabilityGeneralJonathan RussellThe first step towards dealing with losing runs is knowing how likely they are to happen Jonathan explains

Jockey BiasHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA chance chat on Twitter leads to a look at some unusual jockey bias
Betfair R PRogRammingSoftwareJohn JacksonJohn introduces a more succinct alternative to his Visual Basic approach to the Betfair API using R instead
Mark Howards One Jump AheadHorse RacingNathan HughesIt has been a very good year for Mark Howards publication Nathan takes a look and offers you the chance to win a copy
Is It Time For a Data Revolution In HorseracingHorse RacingRick TaylorFootball has undergone a data transformation is racing lagging behind ?
Trainers In The AutumnHorse RacingDave RenhamWhich trainers should we be focusing on as Autumn approaches, Dave takes a look at the figures
Ratings Less is More or More is LessHorse RacingEmail GroupWhen compiling ratings should we be wary of adding too many factors or is more better ?

AE Vs IV RatingsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAE's and IV's can both be used to compile ratings, is one better than the other ?
10 Year Trends August Big HandicapsHorse RacingDave RenhamA look at some of the stats behind the big August handicaps
NagMe Racing Alerts ServiceHorse RacingNathan HughesA review of one of the horse alert services and how to never miss a bet
Scraping Data With Perl IVSoftwareMark LittlewoodFinal part in the data scraping articles using Perl
Curse of the YankeeHorse RacingEmail Group Nathan HughesIf you are profitable to single bets are Yankees a good addition to your bet portfolio
How Profitable is PricewiseHorse RacingRick TaylorJust how profitable is Pricewise if you cannot secure the early morning prices ?

2yo Maidens a Look At SiresHorse RacingDave RenhamWe are about to hit the 2yo maiden season with races over varying distances. Dave casts his eye over the influence of sires
Bootstrapping a Method Of BettingHorse RacingSteve TilleyFresh from the SmarterSig improve your betting conference Steve looks at bootstrapping and its uses for systems evaluations
To Be Quite FrankelHorse RacingNathan HughesA press release from Black Caviar's trainer sparks some debate on ratings within the email forum
Is Frankel The GreatestHorse RacingRick TaylorRick takes a look at the horse everyone has an opinion on
Scraping Data With Perl IIISoftwareMark LittlewoodThird part in how to use Perl to scrape web data
The Newmarket July MeetingHorse RacingDave RenhamA look at some of the trends and stats that can help us as we approach the big July meeting

Euro 12FootballJohn JacksonWith the tournament almost upon us John Jackson takes a look at betting strategies and spreadsheet analysis
Scraping Data with Perl IISoftwareMark LittlewoodThe second in the series on using Perl to scrape or obtain horse racing data
LTO WinnersHorse RacingDave RehhamThe last run especially if its a win is one of the most scrutinized ingredients but is there any value in them.
Fast and WellinHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn update on the wet and wellin list from May and some flat counterparts for the coming months
Gambling Legends Bill Benter and Alan WoodsHorse RacingRick TaylorA look at the betting life and background of two of the most successful horse racing gamblers

Scraping data with PERLSoftwareMark LittlewoodFirst of a series on gathering data using perl and web scraping
York Dante meetingHorse RacingDave RenhamDave drills down into the dante meeting, don't bet on the knavesmire without it
NH wet and wellinHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAs the seasons change as do the favoured, NH follow up to the flat article profits
Horse to follow on the flatHorse RacingRick TaylorA select list of flat horses to follow this season
The use of bootstrapping to assess sytemsSoftwareDr Alun OwenAlun shows how running the results 10,000 times can be an alternative to Archie in evaluating the robustness of a set of results

In the Spotlight Hunter ChasersHorse RacingNathan HughesSpecialisation is often the key to profit and Nathan looks at one group of people who are doing just that
The Aintree HurdleHorse RacingRicky TaylorRick takes a look at the vital stats behind the up coming Aintree hurdle
Betfair API programming IIISoftwareJohn JacksonJohn continues his look at automating the bet process through the Betfair API
Looking for an Early Season Edge with Trainer StatsHorse RacingDave RenhamWho are the trainers to follow in the early season exchanges
Using Information Theory to Select WinnersHorse RacingTed AshworthLooking at how Information Theory can remove the losers from our data sets
The Single Biggest Mistake Punters MakeGeneralRussell ClarkeHow many bets do we need to feel some level of confidence about the future, Monte Carlo simulations can expose the the limits of our thinking

SmarterSig ConferenceGeneralThe CommitteeIntroduction to the up and coming SmarterSig conference, DO NOT MISS IT!
Mark Howard Ahead on the FlatHorse RacingNathan HughesNathan Reviews this years review of the flat publication from Mark Howard
The Figures Never Lie Do They?FootballDr Alun OwenAlun dismantles and rebuilds a blog on football stats by James Willoughby
Switching stables on the flatHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his in depth look at horses switching stables, this time on the flat
Weak on BetfairHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWorried that your horse is weak on Betfair compared to the bookie price?. Which trainers perform well and which don't under these circumstances
Room 101 GubbingHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA track by track analysis of Betfair 1.01 gubbings
The Champion ChaseHorse RacingRick TaylorRick takes a look at the vital trends behind the Cheltenham champion chase

Betfair API Programming IISoftwareJohn JacksonJohn continues his series with the second part on how to utilise the Betfair API to automate your betting needs
The Turtle StoryGeneralRussell ClarkeRussell (ex odds on columist) looks back at the Turtle investment experiment and how it ties in with the psychology of betting and investment
Great Betting CoupsHorse RacingRick TaylorRick takes a look back at some of the great betting coups of the past
Evaluating the Reliability of SystemsHorse RacingEmail GroupA discussion on the email forum takes a look at various ways of evaluating the validity of system data
Switching to a New NH TrainerHorse RacingDave RenhamAn in depth look at the significant stable switchers within NH racing

What Are My OddsHorse RacingDr Alun OwenA resume of the talk on horse racing betting given by William Bentner in 2004
Lingfield Winter DerbyHorse RacingNathan HughesWhich simple stat has produced 7 of the last 10 winter derby winners ?
Big Race Trends ToteSport TrophyHorse RacingRick TaylorWhat to look for when examining the runners for this big post Christmas NH handicap
Betbutler Afterthoughts and ExperiencesGeneralEmail GroupDiscussion on the email forum regarding the use of Betbutler since our last appraisal of the bet brokering service
5f Turf In RunningHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his examination of approaches to dobbing with an in depth look at 5f races

Going UpHorse RacingJohn JacksonAn account with some pictures of Novembers SmarterSig get together in Oxford.
Betting on the AW SouthwellHorse RacingRicky TaylorRick looks at what is required to improve your betting on the Southwell AW track for this coming season.
New Year Predictions European LeaguesFootballPaul McglincheyFollowing on from last year Paul takes a look at league positions in the new year and final finish positions for some European leagues
Selectivity or TurnoverHorse RacingNathan HughesAn interesting discussion on the email group on to turnover or not to turnover
Starting Points NHHorse RacingDave RenhamDave introduces some sound platforms from which to start developing systems for the NH
Betfair API ProgrammingHorse RacingJohn JacksonPart 1 of 3: programming the Betfair API using Visual Studio and VB or VC#
AM Market Analyser IIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodFurther updates on the Market Analyser

To DOB or not to DOB that is the questionHorse RacingDave RenhamDOBbing is a variety of in running betting. Dave explains its basis and approaches to achieving it
Market AM Price Analyser resultsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHighlighting where the profit has been on the new AM market analyser on the web site
NH Ten to FollowHorse RacingRick TaylorRick gives some advice which could be invaluable to Tote ten to follow as well as regular punters
Become a Small Stable Expert UpdateHorse RacingNathan HughesNathan gives us the promised update from his spring article on tracking small stables
Soccer Betting on the Asian and Over Under MarketsFootballAlun OwenAlun demystifies what at first seems like strange markets and highlights his some of his own success with his models
BetButler and Introduction and QAHorse RacingEmail GroupA QA session with a rep from the brokering firm BetButler along with some user experiences

More Data ExtractionsHorse RacingJohn JacksonAlong with some accompanying utilities John explains how to extract data from various useful web sites
A Brief Encounter Negative VibrationsHorse RacingNathan HughesWhich bookmakers early prices should we be taking note of especially when they are out of synch
The Big Race Trends AngleHorse RacingDavid Lee PriestAuthor David Lee Priest takes a look at whether race trends can be taken seriously and offers an alternative approach to Cheltenham
Using Proform Comments to Analyse In RunningHorse RacingDave RenhamDave digs down into the into the pre race in running comments of Proform Racing
Betting in Novice Chasers Will your Bet FallHorse RacingRick TaylorA look at the stats covering fallers at various UK courses and where we should be careful with our novice bets
Morning Market AnalyserHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn introduction to the new facilty on the web site to analyse morning race markets

The Psychological Pitfalls of Betting For a LivingHorse RacingRick TaylorWe would all like to turn our passion into a living but what are the psychological hurdles that are just as great an obstruction as choosing the right selection methods
Preservation SocietyHorse RacingJohn JacksonLots of talk recently of obtaining back copies of SmartSig from the 90's. John presents a solution beyond Smartsig
Winning Punters Pay Harsh Penalty for SuccessHorse RacingEmail GroupA lively email debate on the rights and wrongs of bookmaker's banning punters
Home and away goals and the simple Poisson modelFootballAlun OwenAlun continues on his PhD work and looks at the correlation between home and away goals
2yo Maiden Winners Does the distance matterHorse RacingDave RenhamAs we enter a glut of 2yo races, does the distance they win at make any distance over the next three starts

Draft 2 IntroductionStakingJohn JacksonAn overview of John Jackson forth coming book
How does glorious Goodwood form work outHorse RacingDave RenhamWhat should we be backing next tiome out as we come out of the Goodwood festival ?
Statistical analysis of goal rates for in play bettingFootballProfessor John GoddardFresh from the Salford University conference on Mathematics in sport Professor Goddard examines the factors that influence scoring rates
Betfair Premium ChargesHorse RacingEmail ForumA debate from the forum on the jsutification or not of increased Betfair premium charges and how to calculate it.
How can you compile your own speed ratingsHorse RacingRicky TaylorA look at the fundamental components of creating your own speed ratings
Beating Betfair SPHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow and when should bet in order to out perform Betfair SP ?

A Royal Ascot NightmareHorse RacingMark LittlewoodTake a brolly with you to Ascot even if its not raining
Winning DistancesHorse RacingRick TaylorYou can win and lose a lot on distance spread betting. Rick explains some of the key factors that influence the spreads
Nursery HandicapsHorse RacingDave RenhamThe Nursery season is upon us and Dave marks our card on where we should be focusing
New Trainers On The BlockHorse RacingNathan HughesNathan sets the scene for an ongoing review of how to hopefully locate promising new trainers
International Conference Mathematics in SportHorse RacingAlun OwenA summary of the 3rd international conference on Mathematics applied to sport held at Salford University
Overnight Withdrawels ContinuedHorse RacingMark LittlewoodFollowing on from Colin Magee's article a broader look at the performance of withdrawn horses next time out

Big Race trends The Royal Hunt CupHorse RacingRicky TaylorAs the royal meeting approaches some angles and stats to get you on the right side of the Hunt cup
Profit From The Losers RevisitedFootballNathan HughesIf you liked or indeed made money as many did from Pauls March article, Nathans article will also be of interest.
Using Excel to Monitor Official RatingsHorse RacingPeter M ChadburnHow to get a spreadsheet of changing OR's and the analysis of meaning behind them.
Pace in a Race RevisitedHorse RacingDave RenhamDave starts with tracks but go's much further in his analysis of pace in a race.
The Golden Rules of BettingHorse RacingMark LittlewoodIs there such a list the Racing Post seem to think so. Smarties contribute their own ideas to the subject.
A Brief History of Money MangementStakingJohn JacksonJohn takes a look at some of the past ideas and research on this topic. Even Phill Bull gets a wrap across the knuckles.

Aussie Firepower Slightly Damp For AscotHorse RacingBrian BlackwellWhich Aussie invaders should we be looking at for the June Ascot festival
A Dynamic Forecasting Model Of Football Match OutcomesFootballAlun OwenAlun continues his look at his PhD work and the unique dynamic nature of his football model
The Newmarket Wizards Jon BabbHorse RacingMark LittlewoodInterveiw with pro punter Jon Babb
Become A Small Stable ExpertHorse RacingNathan HughesHaving a finger on the pulse of good small stables can be very profitable, Nathan checks out some likely candidates.
Not Accepting The Luck Of The DrawHorse RacingColin MageeAn examination of how to change those bad draw withdrawels into profit
Calculating The Draw Bias At GoodwoodHorse RacingRicky TaylorA look at Goodwoods draw bias and perhaps more importantly how to calculate it
LTO Winners on The FlatHorse RacingDave RenhamHow important are LTO winners and which should we take notice of?

John JacksonFootballTarnished BeautyWhat has gone wrong with the beautiful game? John lets off steam and suggests a few remedies
Colin MageeHorse RacingRolling trainer strike ratesDeciding when a trainer is in or out of form is no easy task. Colin examines the evidence through rolling strike rates.
Rick TaylorHorse RacingWhat did the professor have toRick looks at alternative academic sources for betting ideas
Mark LittlewoodHorse RacingThe Newmarket WizardsInterview with tipster, pundit and long time pro gambler Steve Lewis Hamilton
Email GroupHorse RacingBetting and StressCoping with stress can be as important as those form factors we adhere to but how best to cope with it?
Dave RenhamTennisThe clay court season statsAn interesting article for regular tennis bettors or those looking to break into this area

Using the betting market as a guide to finding winnersHorse RacingTed AshworthHow much notice do we take of the shape of the betting market and more importantly how can we measure it.
Variance what does it look likeHorse RacingMark GoodheadA look at how variance can fool us all. An accompanying spreadsheet allows you to test your own samples.
2010/11 an unusual year in the Scottish PremierFootballDr Alun OwenIts a funny old game and certainly a funny old year in the SPL
New year predictions revisitedFootballPaul MglincheyHow reliable are new year league positions with regard to end of season results. Paul uncovers some remarkable value
Ratings and RegressionHorse RacingEmail GroupSome useful discussion on the email group about compiling ratings
Cheltenham festival trends 2011Horse RacingDave RenhamTrends expert Dave Renham drills down into the relevant trends as we approach the festival
Improving apprentices for the turf seasonHorse RacingNathan HughesWith the turf flat season looming Nathan takes a look at some apprentices to keep an eye on. His previous selections returned a profit.

PDC World Championship 2011DartsJohn JacksonJacko makes an early start to unravelling the up and coming darts world championship
Sire Analysis - A Dirty DozenHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at a quick and easy method for analysing sires for the AW
Using Data Mining Tolls in Horse Racing PredictionHorse RacingSimon OrdA beginners guide to the free data mining tool WEKA and its application to regression analysis
Steamers Well Horses That Drop in PriceHorse RacingDave RenhamAn examination of how various trainers perform when market supported.
Creating an OddslineHorse RacingRicky TaylorRicky takes a look at the four steps you need to cover to create a reliable oddsline
Lie Dammed Lies and Recent Trainer FormHorse RacingColin MageeJust how useful is it looking at recent trainer form. A look at some of the methods used

New Year KISSJohn F JacksonA KISS for the more volatile markets where reaction is usually an over reaction.
Improving Apprentices For The AW SeasonNathan HughesA look at some apprentices worth noting for the coming AW season with profits already generated in December
In Play Trading Using In Play DataMark LittlewoodHow useful is past in play data for future in play trading.
Automatic Exchange BettingRick TaylorA review of AEB and Colin Magees's book
Trainer AnalyserMark LittlewoodSix years of data and a look at the trainer analyser on the web site.
The Apprentice Betting System TaskDave RenhamSir Alan sets the would be apprentices a system building task, with regret someone will be fired.

Fitting Poisson Models to Football Match Outcomes Part IVFootballAlun OwenIn this fourth part of the series Alun takes a look at how good the Poisson model is at forecasting individual scores
Betfair User Security and Your ResponsibilityGeneralNathan HughesThe recent experiences of one reader can be a lesson to all of us when it comes to improving the security of our online betting security
Big Race Trends - The Welsh NationalHorse RacingRick TaylorWhat key factors should we be examining in order to improve our chances of finding the Welsh National winner
National Hunt Pace BiasHorse RacingDave RenhamA track by track look at how pace effects the outcome of NH races
Racing Post Tipster Selection KISSHorse RacingTed AshworthA look at the viability of finding a profit laying or backing on the selections of the Racing Post
Recent Trainer Form - FlatHorse RacingMark LittlewoodContinuing from last month a look at the worthiness of recent trainer form on the flat and a potentially profitable area

Wet and Wellin ReviewHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA review of the results and profit generated from Septembers well in angle
NH SiresHorse RacingDave RenhamFlats sires have always been ripe for analysis but Dave takes a look at the NH scene from a breeding perspective
Jumpers to FollowHorse RacingRicky TaylorWith the new NH season getting into full swing Rick takes a look at some possible money earners
Fitting Poisson models to forecast football match outcomesFootballAlun OwenPart 3 of Aluns series in which he compares the simple and bivariate poisson models
Recent Trainer FormHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow significant is the recent form of a trainer when assessing a bet

The global supercomputer DarknetGeneralJohn F JacksonJacko invites us all to take the red pill in his final trilogy on the computer big guns and their dubious practices
The jump to profit systemHorse RacingRick TaylorA profitable system for the coming NH season
Using Scrum to become a successful punterGeneralTed AshworthThe software project development methodology Scrum applied to making you a better bettor
Averaging ratings using PerlHorse RacingMark LittlewoodIf you want to start writing code to analyse your own data then this may be your starting point
Lessons from the worlds biggest punterHorse RacingDavid DuffieldA look at the common ground between horse betting and the worlds biggest hedge fund operator
Pace Angles for the WinterHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look how pace influences the winter game

Post MortemStakingJohn F JacksonJohn examines a series of bets in his usual challenging style and shows how a combination of proportional staking and hedging can blow the roof on the profit graph
Wet and WellinHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWith the weather changing who is well in on the coming soft ground and how can we measure it
Paddock NotesHorse RacingRick TaylorRick takes a look at paddock notes and how to get the most out of this relatively unused area
Something for EveryoneHorse RacingDave RenhamA pub conversation leads to a selection box of stats and useful angles from Dave
Sire AnalyserHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWhich sire has an over 40% ROI on fibresand. A look at how to use the new Sire analyser facility on the web site
Doncaster St Ledger meeting the trendsHorse RacingDavid MyersTrends expert David Myers publishes his first article here with a look at the up and coming Ledger festival

MySheetHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at the latest web site facility that enables you to create personalised data sheets for the days racing.
A simple system for maiden racesHorse RacingRick TaylorThe headline results from testing this system show that over the last three years the system found 389 selections and had 177 winners, representing a strike rate of over 46 per cent. This keeps losing runs short and is good from a psychological point of view because you are frequently at the payout window. The overall profit to a 1-point stake was almost £65
Implementing Bivariate Poisson football models in RFootballAlun OwenAlun continues his article series after reader requests to cover the Bivariate Poisson model
Automatic bet placementHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn introduction to a utility that may solve your bet placement needs whilst you are on holiday
Draw bias revisitedHorse RacingDave RenhamSometimes the draw can be like moving quicksand, Dave is an expert on the draw and he looks at what has been changing recently.
How to use Excel 2007 as a system builderGeneralGeorge SwanGetting data into Excel is one thing but how can we use Excel to then test the validity of various system scenarios.

KISS a simple system for 2yo racesHorse RacingRick TaylorA simple system for the coming spate of 2yo races
Fitting Poisson models to predict football match outcomes usFootballAlun OwenAn insight into Aluns football modelling PhD work this time using R as his exploratory vehicle
Is there a link to more successful trainers using past in ruHorse RacingDave RenhamHow do individual trainers perform in respect to a horses running style, Dave uncovers the facts.
Using support vector machines to predict winnersHorse RacingTed AshworthTed introduces to his series the all important aspect of finding overlays
Trainer AnalysisHorse RacingMark LittlewoodIntroduction to the new Trainer analysis facility
Watching RacehorsesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodSome of the key factors behind John Hutsons paddock watching and a possible quick and dirty alternative.

Jam,ie Spencer jockey analysisHorse RacingDave RenhamYou either love him or loathe him (Spencer that is), Dave takes a look at the stats associated with this most talked about jockey.
World cup 2010 updateFootballJohn F JacksonJohn exmaines how to utilise the spread odds and traditional fixed odds to form a model for the tournament. Accompanying software with the article.
Front running favouritesHorse RacingDave RenhamHow leathal are favourites that get to the front early and where best to back them.
Draw bias at Royal AscotHorse RacingRick TaylorWith the big summer meeting on the horizon Rick runs over the draw at the royal meeting.
How to use LightSVMHorse RacingTed AshworthTed continues his series on Support Vector Machines and provides some accompanying software.
Gelded since last runHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at the overall performance of horses gelded since their last run and which trainers do well with these types.

World Cup 2010FootballJohn F JacksonWith only weeks to go to the 2010 World Cup, you cannot afford to bet without consulting Johns article and spreadsheet
Using Support Vector Machines to Pick WinnersHorse RacingTed AshworthUsed by William Bentner, Ted gives the first of a series on utilising SVMs
Lessons from KellyHorse RacingMark GoodheadMark looks at the effect the odds have on bank growth when utilising Kelly
Bumper ProfitsHorse RacingBill SmithHow to use the Cheltenham bumper race to secure future profit
The Derby SsytemHorse RacingRicky TaylorA profile of the key factors that determine the Derby winner
3 yo MaidensHorse RacingDave RenhamWe are in the 3yo maiden period and approapriately Dave takes a look at the profitable areas within these races.

Dany Nichols sprint king or is there more to himHorse RacingDave RenhamHe is known mainly as an effective trainer of sprint handicappers but is there more to Dandy Nichols than this?.
The Newmarket Wizards - Tom SegalHorse RacingMark LittlewoodInterview with Tom Segal, Pricewise of the Racing Post
Early season 2yo racesHorse RacingDave RenhamWith early 2yo races about to unfold Dave takes a look at where the profit can be found
Avoiding account closuresGeneralEmail ListA very active session on the email list looks at methods to keep bookmakers off your scent when it comes to closing down winning accounts.
Aintree stats other than the NationalHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at the hurdle and chase races at the big spring meeting and where the better bets have been.
Delta NeutralStakingJohn F JacksonControlling volatility and locking in profits by hedging ... detailed, worked examples for a bookmaker special offer and a daily SP spread bet.

Can We TalkStakingJohn F JacksonJohn go's for the jugular after a frustrating exchange on the email list about hedging. If you didn't believe Phill Bull maybe John will convince you.
Staking How Should We Do ItStakingMichael WildingAfter a debate on the email discussion list Michael sets out his thoughts on how to approach staking, including an explanation of Kelly and half Kelly
Readers Requests - Trainer gamblesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn update on which trainers were profitable with their gambled horses in 2009
Big Race Trends - The Arke TrophyHorse RacingRick TaylorAn in depth look at the trends behind the Arkle trophy at Cheltenham
The Newmarket Wizards - Richard HoilesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodInterview with TV pundit and commentator Richard Hoiles.
Key Cheltenham TrendsHorse RacingDave RenhamA look at the key trends behind all the Cheltenham races. Invaluable if you are punting at the festival.

Newmarket Wizards Nick AubreyHorse RacingDavid DuffieldInterveiw with the Australian pro punter Nick Aubrey
Validating RatingsHorse RacingG SwanHow can we measure confidence in a set of ratings.
Betting on the Kempton AWHorse RacingRicky TaylorA look at some of the factors surrounding Kempton AW betting with a simple to follow system in summary
Rating the five betting systemsGeneralAlun OwenAlun applies some of his previously documented methods with a blow by blow attempt at the pre xmas competition to rate five betting systems
3 yos first run of the seasonHorse RacingDave RenhamWhith the flat looming who should we be looking out for with 3yo seasonal debuts
KnockoutGeneralJohn F JacksonWith the help of Excel John explains how to calculate winning chances from various knockout tournament stage positions

ARCHIE a method for evaluating systemsHorse RacingSteve TilleySteve's original article shows a simple to opearte method for evaluating the validity of system results. Published also as a pre read to Aluns piece.
The Newmarket Wizards - Hugh TaylorHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThe next installment of the Newmarket wizards is an interview with ATR's Hugh Taylor
Big race trends - The King GeorgeHorse RacingRicky TaylorA look at the race trends and stats that can help you unravel the boxing day showdown
A Christmas selection boxHorse RacingDave RenhamA selction of systems and angles to take you into a profitable new year.
How many bets do you need to assess your system using ARCHIEHorse RacingAlun OwenAlun continues the work of the original Archie article which looked at how to assess the robustness of system results.

Market Bias Revisted Part IIHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his study of market bias with the second part of his article looking at field size.
The Hennesy Gold CupHorse RacingRicky TaylorNarrowing the field down with a race profile of the up and coming Hennesy.
Olympic MemoriesHorse RacingJohn JacksonWhile we are united by a common interest in gambling ... are we not also united by a love of the sports themselves? The thrill of the chase. The beautiful game. The spectacle. The atmosphere. The friendship. Here are one punter's memories of arguably the greatest sporting event in the history of mankind.
Neural Network Learning Methods and AW RacingHorse RacingPeter MayA look at some of the underlying principles underpinning neural networks and their application to horseracing
Draw LTOHorse RacingMark LittlewoodGood draw last time out bad bet next time out ?, a look at the stats.

Profitable HeadwayHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWe read the daily race comments on a daily basis but do we really understand them all in terms of profitable impact.
Grumpy Holiday NotesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA typical example of the application of pace despite the Algarve keyboards
Beating the Football Spreads using conditional ProbabilitiesFootballTed AshworthA look at how to gain an edge by examining the odds in seperate but related football markets
Pace Running Styles in NH racesHorse RacingDave RenhamHow does the question of pace relate to NH racing. Dave takes a long overdue look at the winter code.
Wellin Horses IIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThe second part in a look at horses returning to favourable marks, with a trainer by trainer breakdown.
Prediciting PaceHorse RacingRick TaylorRick continues his series on how he approaches the analysis of race pace.
King Canute Must DieHorse RacingJohn F JacksonWhere do you stand with respect to the digital revolution?, be prepared to at least shuffle a little after reading Jacko.

System testing competitionHorse RacingPeter MayUsing a set of results from 2008 can you predict which of a number of systems have perfomed the best in 2009 and win 4 months free membership.
Well in horsesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWhat does it mean when a horse is well in and how profitable can it be to follow them
Trainers two runnersHorse RacingDave RenhamWhat should we do when a trainer has two runners in a race. Dave examines the stats.
Measuring early paceHorse RacingRicky TaylorRicky explains his approach to catagorising and measuring early pace in a race.
Mamite market mapperHorse RacingA N OtherA useful software tool for monitoring exchange prices
Market Bias revisitedHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his research into market bias witha more general look at turf races
Show me the supercomputerHorse RacingJohn JacksonJohn takes a look at what needs to be considered when you set out to buy a new computer system

Educating TrevorHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA year with an apprentice bettor at his side highlights how mindset is probably the most difficult pro punter characteristic to adopt
Market bias in 5f handicapsHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at what assistance the market offers in 5f handicaps
Multiple MugsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWould a profitable straight win set of bets create better returns if bet in Lucky 15's.
How reliable are breeding statsHorse RacingMark FoleyA look at some of the myths and dangers of misuse of breeding stats
Developing Statistical Models using R IIIHorse RacingAlun OwenAluns third part in a series looking at statistical methods using R. This month developing a binary logistical regression model
Developing SystemsHorse RacingRick TaylorRick gives some general advice on how to improve your chances of developing successful systems

Developing statistical models part IIHorse RacingAlun OwenFollowing on from June, part II of Alun's introduction to building models for horse racing data.
Two year old debutants in maidensHorse RacingDave RenhamWith the 2yo season starting to flourish, Dave takes a more in depth look at 2yo debutants.
Impact ValuesHorse RacingMichael WildingIn response to an email request Michael takes an introductory look for beginners at the use of Impact Values.
When to back the favouriteHorse RacingRicky TaylorFinding good favourites and avoiding bad ones, Rick takes a look at the figures.
Are you feeling lucky, well are you SteveHorse RacingSmarterSigShould we put any faith in numbers, well Steve doesn't think so and he should know he works for the Racing Post
2yo TrainersHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow do the various trainers fair with their 2yo's first second and third timne out

Developing statistical models for racing using RHorse RacingAlun OwenA beginners guide to building statistical horse racing models using the free downloadable package R
Pace Running Styles for JockeysHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at which Jocks to watch out for in relation to pace profiles.
Programming with the Betfair APIHorse RacingTed AshworthIntroduction to programming the Betfair API
Jockey and Trainer Trends for Royal AscotHorse RacingRick TaylorWho should we look out for this months up and coming Ascot festival
Successful Betting CharacteristicsHorse RacingEmail ChatWhat characterises a successful punter, interesting discussion from the email list
Derby 2009 Breeding RatingsHorse RacingMark Littlewood & Peter MayEvaluating this years derby from the npoint of class and distance using pedigree ratings.
Going and PaceHorse RacingMark LittlewoodDo front runners do better on soft or firm, AW or turf?.

Good Pace Good Draw Good BetHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn examination of which course, track and draw sections offer the best figures for horses with prominent running pace profiles.
2nd Run 2yosHorse RacingMark FoleyWhich trainers can be relied upon to show marked improvement from their second time out 2yos.
Conference newsHorse RacingAlun OwenUpdates on a couple of up and coming conferences that may be of interest to sports bettors.
Finding Different Ways to Evaluate PerformanceHorse RacingDave RenhamIs wins to runs the only or best way to evaluate performance when analysing past data?.
Repeat WinnersHorse RacingRicky TaylorWhich trainers can be relied upon to get repeat wins from their 2yos, Rick investigates.
Statistical Forecasting & Football Match OutcomesFootballAlun OwenThe final part in Aluns series sees him find further improvements to the model developed last eyar.

Premier league darts part IIIDartsJohn JacksonJohns third installment takes a look at some general principles for gathering data from the web and in particular Betfair prices
Trying to spot horses that shorten in runningHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at some methods for trading horse prices for a profit via the in running markets.
Grand National TrendsHorse RacingRicky TaylorSome vital stats and trends to help you find this years National winner
Finding Winners by Natural SelectionHorse RacingG E SwanGeorge takes a look at the Darwinian world of Genetic Alogorithms and their application to winner finding. Accompanying software to get you going with your own experiments.
Kiss Tips update and Avoiding Closed AccountsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn update on the profits from the first month of the Kiss Tips and some further advice on keeping betting accounts open.

Premier League Darts 2009 Part IIDartsJohn F JacksonJohn continues his model building process for the ongoing darts tournament. The fixed odds and spread quotes produced take account of the first throw advantage.
2yo Summary 2008Horse RacingPeter MayPeter Mays top 2008 2yo's with breeding predictions for 3 yo careers.
Horse ProfilingHorse RacingDave PeatDave continues his look at horse profiling as a method for bet selection.
The Betting Market As A Guide To WinnersHorse RacingRicky TaylorUtilising the betting market as a short cut to profit.
Was All The Research Worth ItHorse RacingDave RenhamAs the flat season looms up Dave looks at some trainer predictions that held up last year and hopefully will repeat again.
KISS TipsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA daily KISS brought right to your door

Cheltenham festival trends - The Champion HurdleHorse RacingRicky TaylorRick turns hs attention away from the Gold cup and this month focuses on the up and coming Champion hurdle with ideas that have produced good profits in the past.
Favourites in Novice HurdlesHorse RacingDavid RenhamHow to make a profit from fancied horses in novice hurdles. A wealth of stats point the way through.
KISSed AgainHorse RacingJustin PenroseJustin continues his look at the relationship between the two main betting forecast sources and the final outcome of horse races.
ATASS Sports Seminar reviewHorse RacingAlun OwenA review of the December 2008 West Midlands statistical society talk by ATASS sports (sports modelling) and Mark Dixon
Horse race prediction - Monte Carlo simulationHorse RacingG E SwanHow to use a Monte Carlo simulation to convert horse ratings into probabilities. Comes with accompanying software to carry out the simulation
Weighing up horse profilesHorse RacingDavid PeatA first look at horse profiles and the useful ingredients that can paint a rich picture about a horses preferences and limitations.
Premier League DartsDartsJohn F JacksonJohn takes a look at assessing odds and identifying profitable bets on the coming 2009 Premier darts league in addition to downloading up to date prices from bookmakers and Betfair

Kelly Matters and the Varance/Mean stakng PlanStakingJon DeslerJon examines the application of Kelly to markets that are not easily receptive to the popular staking plan.
KISSed Some MoreHorse RacingJustin PenroseJustin continues his investigation into the strategies that lie behind an examination of the forecast markets.
DiscplineHorse RacingMark LittlewoodIs it really important or just an excuse as one Betfair forum member suggests
Using Systems to Lay HorsesHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at the other side of the fence with some stats and methods for layers.
Bouncing Bobby Robbie BookieHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow significant is the bounce factor and are there any outright profitable systems surrounding it.
Cheltenham Festival TrendsHorse RacingRicky TaylorFirst article from Rick who takes a look at selection trends for the Cheltenham Gold Cup

When conditions are just rightHorse RacingMark LittlewoodMark finishes some unfinished business from 1995
Backing horses with poor recent formHorse RacingDave RenhamThere is nothing like backing a big priced winner. Dave looks at some factors to slim ddown the picks.
Changes in distance does it matterHorse RacingDave renhamWhat relevance does the previous distance run have at various distances of todays race.
Topspeed Recency and Runs NHHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow best to use topspeed ratings. this time a look at the NH hurdle scene.
KISSEDHorse RacingJustin PenroseJustin looks at a possible assist to other systems via the betting forecasts.
Flat Trainers in SellersHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA continuing look at the performance of trainers in Flat race sellers

Trainer ChangesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at the performance of horses coming out of new yards.
The course can make a differenceHorse RacingDave RenhamWhich trainers should be noted at which courses, Dave uncovers some useful stats.
Trainer Gambles NH 2007Horse RacingMark LittlewoodA continuation of the exmination of trainers to note when backed in the market.
Rating Maiden DebutantsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodPrompted by an email discussion, an initial look at rating newcomers based on trainer trends.
NH Trainers in SellersHorse RacingMark LittlewoodWho are the trainers to follow in sellers and how do they do with seller debutants
Price EquivalenceStakingJohn JacksonWith so wide a variety of markets available to us John takes a look at some methods for extracting the best deals

NN and AI ratings videoHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA downloadable video of how the ratings were compiled for the NN article. Apologies for slight synch problem on second half of video. Download Video
Trainer GamblesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA continuation of the examination of trainer performance with market droppers and drifters. This time the NH trainers come under the microscope
Systems have a shelf liveHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at some previously profitable systems that have fallen on harder times and explains why many systems suffer this fate
Neural Networks AI RatingsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodMark dips his big toe into the practical world of NN's and re-explores the compilation of the AI ratings
Placepot AnalysisHorse RacingDave RenhamThe first in a series of articles examining the underlying influences on this popular bet
Automated Exchange Betting book reviewHorse RacingPatrick GambleA review of Colin Magee's new book on Automated exchange betting

Free wine lunch and yankeesHorse RacingJohn JacksonWhats the best approach to an offer of a free yankee if only one of your original yankee selections wins.
Profiting from staying 2yos in the latter part of the seasonHorse RacingMark FoleyIt takes a certain kind of horse to win the late season staying 2yo races. Mark examines the factors that offer the best guidelines
Readers requests trainer gambles 2Horse RacingMark LittlewoodThe second part examining the performance of flat trainers with respect to their entries that drift and drop in the betting
Late season trainer 2yosHorse RacingMark FoleyWhich trainers should we focus on as the Autumn 2yo season kicks in
Email chat - combining ratingsHorse RacingEmail groupSome interesting email discussion on combining two sets of ratings to make selections
Do you remember the Legacy systemHorse RacingGerald SimpsonGerald takes a run through the system and how it can be applied today
Statistical forecasting models and football match outcomes 3FootballAlun OwenAlun continues his series with part 3 on modelling football match outcomes.

Readers Requests - Trainer GamblesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodHow do various trainers perform with their price droppers and drifters.
Statistical Forecasting Models and Football Match OutcomesFootballAlun OwenPart II of Aluns series on modelling techniques for football match prediction.
Jockey / Trainer CombinationsHorse RacingDave RenhamA look at the profitable areas surrounding various trainers and jockeys combined
Does the Going MatterHorse RacingMark LittlewoodJust how important is the going to the betting pound in our pocket
Front Running ResearchHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his research into pace patterns on the flat
Blink UpdateHorse RacingMark LittlewoodUpdate on the progress and profit of Blink selections from the web site

Profiting From PullersHorse RacingMark LaydenWhat have the Derby winner New Approach and the 60 rated Grey Boy got in common?.
Key Race profitsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA continuation of the key race analysis from the last couple of months
Pace Disadvantaged LTOHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at what constitutes a pace disadvantaged horse last time out and how to spot them.
Running Styles / Pace BiasHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his analysis of pace bias paying particular attention to courses
Blink - Thats OverpricedHorse RacingMark LittlewoodInspired by a recent read, a ready replacment is found for the Edgewise experiment with some promising early results.
My EuroFootballJohn F JacksonJohn takes a look at his Euro 2008 betting experience

Everything you wanted to know about KellyStakingJohn JacksonJohn sets about unravelling the much talked about Kelly
Entry ProfilingHorse RacingMark LitlewoodWhats in an entry, a look at the stats behind the trainer habits.
Profiting from Market MoversHorse RacingPeter MarkoPeter continues his look at trading the horses and appeals for volunteers
Email ChatHorse RacingMichael BowmanA discussion of the WellIn horses on the web site highlights an excellent start to the season.
Key Race ProfitsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA look at the profit from the previous months key races and a look ahead to this month
Three breeding KISS systemsHorse RacingDave RenhamThree systems based on pedigree stats
Statistical Forecasting Models and Football Match Outcomes 1FootballAlun OwenPart 1 introduces Models Based on the Poisson Probability Distribution

Topspeed Recency And RunsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThis month the question of what works best with topspeed is turned on handicap chasers.
Key Races IIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodFollowing on from last months article, a look at Mays key races and how the April ones have shaped up.
A Possible Method For Greening Up On BetfairHorse RacingSaltbobA look at one of this months exchanges on the email list.
The Punters Revenge EffectHorse RacingJustin PenroseThe first in a series of recommended books that helped shape members thinking about betting.
KISSHorse RacingDave RenhamThe second of Dave's keep it simple stupid systems.
Profiting from Market MovesHorse RacingPeter MarkoIs it possible to identify sufficient morning price droppers to trade a profit. Peter looks at a method that shows some early promise.
The Newmarket Wizards IIIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThis months interview with the pro's is with author and pro punter Alan Potts
Trading in RunningHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at in running trading with a blow by blow account of one days trading.

Watching Paddock Watchers IIIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThe conclusion to the paddock watching experiment and the question of whether there is value in the parade ring.
Topspeed Recency and RunsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodPrompted by an email list question, a look at how best to use speed figures in terms of recency and runs.
Racing Trends RevealedHorse RacingDave RenhamA review of the new book by David Myers
Sprint Handicap Preparation for the Flat SeasonHorse RacingDave RenhamDave takes a look at an alternative approach to evaluating race class.
Key RacesHorse RacingMark LittlewoodCan we identify key races before they occur. A look at the American definition and perhaps how past key races might help.
K.ISSHorse RacingDave RenhamA welcome return for this series of simple systems put forward by readers.
Sample SpaceHorse RacingJohn F JacksonJohn gears his probability corner towards some questions raised on the email list regarding the value or no value inherent in a free yankee bet offered by bookmakers.
Review of the 2007 2yo Turf SeasonHorse RacingPeter MayPeter May takes a look at last years 2yo with a view to the 2008 season

The Journey of the Invisible Pink UnicornHorse RacingJohn JacksonJohn identifies common but erroneous gambling beliefs. Explains the intuition behind Kulldorff’s strategy for gambling on favourable games.
Your Country Needs YouHorse RacingJohn JacksonJacko makes a call to arms and as an example asks what you would like to see in a programming or probabaility corner.
The Edgewise Experiment part 1Horse RacingJustin Penrose & Peter MarkoThe wisdom of crowds and concensus value betting experiment currently active on the email list, Justin and Peter go behind the figures to maximise profit.
Watching Paddock Watchers IIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodDoes paddck watching actually offer an edge. An update on the figures first quoted in the Feb Mag.
Making a Profit with Spread BettingHorse RacingAlexGetting started with spread betting isn't easy. Alex guides the way.
The Newmarket Wizards IIHorse RacingMark LittlewoodUnder the spotlight this month is pro gambler Laurence Lambourn, the man behind
Pace Angles for Profit III on the AWHorse RacingDave RenhamDave continues his investigation of pace angles focusing this month on Lingfield
Automatic Betting Data Sources and SmartformHorse RacingColin MageeAn introduction to the world of automatic betting in its widest sense and the limitations of previous provisions.

EdgeWise the wisdom of crowdsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAn account of how SmarterSig members pooled resources and opinions to crack open some real profit in January.
Watching paddock watchersHorse RacingMark LittlewoodDoes paddock watching yield a real edge. Mark begins a project to find out.
The newmarket wizardsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodLast months interviewee and pro punter Russell Clarke answers some readers questions on pro punting
Pace angles for profit on the AW (2)Horse RacingDave RenhamA continuation of this series into how pace analysis can be utilised on the AW
AI ratings reviewHorse RacingMark LittlewoodThe AI ratngs have been around for a few years. What are they made up of and how have they performed?.
A bumpy ride on the road to profitHorse RacingMark FoleyMark takes a look at some profitable angles in NH bumper races
Alternative strategies for football game predictionsFootballStefan PerryStef takes a look at how it may be possble to move away from an overall evaluation of form when assessing a football match to one which becomes sensitive to how each team has perfomed against similar sides to the one it meets today.

Early, Live and SP BettingHorse RacingMark LittlewoodAre we better off betting in the early or pre race live markets. Some stats from a survey highlight where its best to play.
The Sports Trader BlogHorse RacingJustin PenroseJustin looks at the methods behind a profitable in running sports trader.
AW Trainer StatsHorse RacingDave RenhamWith the AW season about to kick in, Dave takes a look at some profitable AW trainer angles.
Pace Angles for ProfitHorse RacingDave RenhamAn examination of pace and its potential for profit on the All Weather tracks
The Newmarket WizardsHorse RacingMark LittlewoodFirst in a series of interviews with the professional players kicks off with Russell Clarke, ex Odds On columnist and long time pro'
First Time in Handicaps - Trainer AnalysisHorse RacingMark LittlewoodA brief look at trainer profiles for inmates making their first, second and third run in handicap company. Accompanying spreadsheet shows all trainers.