About Us


In 1994 SmartSig magazine was launched by as a monthly publication dedicated to the research and analysis of sports betting methods. It quickly became a highly respected publication with contributions from journalists such as Nick Mordin and Russel Clarke. There can be little doubt that SmartSig was a great asset to many people trying to move their betting onto a more profitable and professional level. In 2004 the magazine was sold and with great regret to many, disappeared from our mail mats a couple of years later.


SmarterSig is a relaunch of SmartSig with the recognition that times have moved on and these days the web offers new and varied ways of offering articles, services and utilities to a publications readers.


Its our goal to facilitate and disseminate new ideas and research into sports betting.

Who Is It For

You may be any one of the following types :-
  • Currently betting but a substantial long term loser
  • Currently betting but needing that little extra to move you into long term consistent financial growth
  • A Successful player who is always looking for new angles
  • A non bettor who enjoys the intellectual challenge of problem solving applied to the real world of betting


SmarterSig produces a monthly set of articles covering sports betting ideas. In addition there is an evergrowing supply of resources and utilities within the site and don't forget our email discussion group which all members can link up to by simply emailing a request to us here at SmarterSig.