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Those of you who were subscribers to the old Smartsig will remember that as part of the subscription there was the option to purchase historic horseracing form data for subscribers’ own research and analysis. We are pleased to announce that this service will soon be available again with some notable enhancements.

5 years’ historic data for research and analysis

SmarterSig have teamed up with BetWise Limited to provide validated horseracing data for the personal use of SmarterSig members at a discounted price. The data is originally licenced by the BHA and Press Association, official providers to many racing services and websites such as For ease of access and manipulation the data is now provided within the MySQL, open source database, one of the most robust databases in the world, that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux machines, and from which results can easily be exported as comma separated files if required. Five years’ worth of full racing results, containing all UK and Irish racing, are within the Form download. All the fields available are described at files and field layout The cost of the 5 years historic data is £85 to SmarterSig subscribers only, and is available as a download, with payment via Paypal from SmarterSig directly. The MySQL itself database can be installed for free and downloaded from Full instructions on how to install are provided with the Form download.

Automated updates

Additionally, an automated nightly updates service is available for the database, containing all the previous day’s results for horseracing in the UK and Ireland, organized in the same way as the historic data, to build on the existing database and ensure it is always current for the day’s racing. All daily racecards are also available for the morning’s racing for subscriber’s personal use. All files are automatically synchronized with the database upon download. Since the data is stored in a format that can be programmatically accessed, for those interested in such things, the daily updated database can also be programmed to extract data to run models and automate selections for backing, laying or trading. We also hope that the availability of a common and legitimate source of data which is updated will help foster the type of future research, forum discussion and articles on which SmarterSig has built its reputation. The database can be purchased as a one off, as with the former data provided via SmarterSig. The new addition of automated daily updates for results and racecards in advance of racing is £40 per month, a rate which is also available to SmarterSig members only.

Check out the files and field layout of the results service.

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